How to Tie Bam's Cicada

  • , by Caleb Snead
  • 1 min reading time

It's cicada mania out there! From late April through June 2024, the largest brood of 13-year cicadas, known as Brood XIX, will co-emerge with a midwestern brood of 17-year cicadas, Brood XIII. This event will affect 17 states, from Maryland west to Iowa and south into Arkansas, Alabama, northern Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, and Maryland.

The hatch this year is going to be totally epic so you need to make sure you have a cicada pattern in your fly box!


Hook: TMC 8089 size 2
Thread: Veevus Power Thread 140 Denier Black
Body/Head: 2mm Foam Black
Under Body/Head: Ice Dub UV Black
Rib: Veevus Iris Thread Fluorescent Orange
Wing: MFC Widow’s Web White
Eyes: Foam Cylinder Orange
Legs: Silicone Legs Orange with Black Fleck

Tied by Rambler Pro Team member Adam Lafferty


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