How to Tie the Wooly Bugger

  • , by Caleb Snead
  • 1 min reading time

The Wooly Bugger is often the introductory fly for beginners to tie, teaching essential techniques like threading the hook, proper material wrapping, and securing materials effectively. Despite its simplicity, this fly remains a highly effective choice for catching a wide variety of fish.

Let's take the Wooly Bugger to the next level!


Hook: Allen Fly Fishing S403 size 6
Cone: Allen Fly Fishing Brass Cone 5.5mm
Thread: Veevus Power Thread 140 Denier Black
Tail: Marabou Black
Rib: UTC Ultra Wire Brassie Red
Body: Chenille Midnight Fire
Hackle: Whiting Farms Bugger Pack Black

Tied by Pro Team member Adam Lafferty


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