A vise made for a lifetime

  • , by Caleb Snead
  • 1 min reading time

"The visual appearance of this vise is exceptional. It looks like a work of art and looks like its quality enough for you to create some works of art with it (Flies). Just from looking at it, you can tell its created with quality materials and constructed with tight allowances. It almost reminds me of german engineering."

"Everything on this vise is made with quality. The base is heavy, and almost impossible to rock or move when tying. The knobs are all quality and do their job. The allowances with the vise are all tight, and even. There are no unnecessary gaps between the metal parts. It's a very high-quality build."

The quotes above are some of my favorite excerpts from a review on the Atlas® Vise written by McFly Angler over on his blog. This review gushed over the construction of the vise. What are some of your favorite features of the Atlas® Vise?


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